Duties of the Committee

DUTIES OF THE COMMITTEE – 2013/14 update:
[(*) posts combined; {**} posts combined; [***] role is vacant]

The Chairperson
– Prepares the agenda for committee meetings and the AGM, and
   chairs meetings
– Prepares and produces two News Letters and a Chair’s report annually
– Contacts speakers regarding relevant introductory information for talks
– Liaises with relevant persons on the contents of the website
– Introduces and thanks speakers
– Receives all worries/complaints from committee and ULEMLA members
– see Publicity Secretary’s duties below

The Treasurer
– Keeps accounts of the Association
– Pays out petty cash for paper, postage, photocopying and other relevant expenses
– Prepares a report for the AGM
– Pays speakers’ fees and expenses

Membership Secretary
– Collects members’ subscriptions
– Deals with members’ telephone and written queries
– Distributes Newsletters
– Keeps an up-to-date membership list
– Distributes all membership cards, dated and numbered (noted on membership list)
– Provides Chairperson and Visits Secretary with the membership list in December

Bookings Secretary
– Books all speakers; confirms talks’ details and audio-visual needs with speakers
– Deals with all correspondence with speakers, including inviting them to the
   Christmas party
– Books next year’s meeting rooms in spring term, and audio-visual equipment as needed
– When bookings are confirmed, contacts speakers the week before their talk
– Maintains and holds the speakers’ address book; updates Chairperson’s copy
– Checks before the AGM with the President that he will continue in post

Minutes Secretary
– Takes minutes of all Committee meetings (at 1pm) and at the AGM
– Writes details of next meetings on the notice board

Social Secretary (*)
– Organizes food and drink for the Christmas party
– Collects payments (with Visits Secretary*) for the Christmas party and literary trip

Visits Secretary (*)
– Organizes all aspects of the annual trip
– Updates tickets and collects payments (with Social Secretary*) for trip and Christmas

Guests Secretary {**}
– Collects guests’ payments at meetings, after they have signed the attendance book
– Ensures that the attendance book is signed by members and guests at meetings
– Liaises with the Treasurer over visitor payments

Ex-Officio Member {**}
– Provides water for the speakers
– Welcomes members on arrival and directs them towards signing the attendance book
– Helps the committee when needed

Archivist [***]
– Maintains and holds a complete record of ULEMLA matters

Publicity Secretary [***]
– Produces publicity material for publications and events
– Collaborates with Chairperson on publicity material
– Liaises with staff over publicity on the Birkbeck website & in the alumni