Newsletter – Summer Special 2020

You will have received a number of emails from Lesley recently cancelling talks because of the Covid-19 virus. It is clear now that we will not be able to hold the June talk and AGM.

Your Committee proposes that your officers should continue until such time as it is possible to hold the AGM. Our current view is that this should be at the first talk of the new academic year in October, assuming that things are sufficiently back to normal by then. It may be that we can organise what would have been the May trip to the National Theatre in September again subject to the state of things.

Your Committee is aware that members with annual subscriptions have missed half of this academic year’s talks. Our proposal is that next year’s annual subscription should be available at £10 rather than £20 to compensate for this. We can take a decision about this at the AGM.

Until we are able to meet again take care.

Lindsay Martin, Chair